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Dave Gregory,
Owner, has over 20 years experience in hands-on lighting maintenance


Customer Service, Lighting Energy Specialist, General Manager of Operations

American Fluorescent is a provider of quality lighting solutions. For over twenty years we have been supplying lighting products to commercial businesses and homes throughout the greater Willamette Valley in Oregon. With American Fluorescent, a business manager or consumer can rest assured that their lighting order is cost-effective, and the products will deliver the most durable, visual and energy efficient lighting possible. Thousands of customers rely on our high-quality lighting and value-added service every year.

We've made a commitment at American Fluorescent to share our knowledge gained as a distributor, supplier and specialty lighting manufacturer with our customers. This knowledge has empowered them to make true lighting value decisions with regards to their lighting system. Our customers have been pleasantly surprised to see how dramatically their lighting could be improved using American Fluorescent products and services.


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